NANO 1 Mini Action FPV Camera
NANO 1 Mini Action FPV Camera
NANO 1 Mini Action FPV Camera
NANO 1 Mini Action FPV Camera
NANO 1 Mini Action FPV Camera


NANO 1 Mini Action FPV Camera

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Version:NANO 1 Mini Sports Camera

A cool and practical sports camera with multiple functions and a cute appearance provides convenient installation in multiple shapes, and it is applicable to multiple shooting scenes. No matter such outdoor activities as riding or splashing or the leisure daily activities of gathering and tourism, AiKUCAM NANO 1 can carry all of these easily.

  • Key Functions
Cute and convenient, 4K Ultra HD, super anti-jitter and stability enhancement, IP67-grade waterproof.                                                                                                      Convenient installation with magnetic attraction, Wifi real-time review, one-button shot/recording, USB camera.
Tiny and convenient, solid and durable. All aluminum alloy fuselage with high-end quality, combined with good durability and perfect visibility.
Three-high hydrophobic glass: AiKUCAM NANO 1 is made with advanced AR (high translucency and high clearness) nano-coating technology and glass materials with high hardness. The superficial material is made of quality AF nano-coating technology with good hydrophobic function to effectively prevent fingerprint residue and keep a clear picture at any time.
Three proofs: With the powerful waterproof, dustproof and fall resistance, it could be used in all kinds of complicated shooting scenes easily so as to allow you to enjoy the fun without the fear of wind or rain. The lens protective glass is made of dragon-trail glass with high strength. The fall resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance reach a new height. It could be used when you climb mountains or go underwater. 

The high-end performances provide you with a unique shooting experience. You would be at ease when shooting in different scenes so that you can shoot whatever you like at any time and in any place.

4k ultra HD: It could be compatible with the 4K ultra-HD video recording, so as to display the wonderful moment clearly.

143° ultra-wide angle: The 4G+3P lens with 143° ultra-wide angle of AiKUCAM NANA 1 is equipped with a customized high-quality lens, so as to make the shooting picture clear and sharp with low dispersion. A wide shooting angle could keep all beautiful sceneries.

Anti-jitter and stability enhancement: No jitterring but enjoying sports with confidential shootingAiKUCAM NANO 1 is adopted with the new generation of the intelligent anti-jitter algorithms to inspect the jitter in all directions and revise it by itself, so as to always keep the picture stable.

Time-lapse: Time flies within one moment, but you can make a time-lapse photography video with a strong visual impact

Slow motionSeize the wonderful moment with 8-times slow motion, so as to see each details clearly.

Zooming: The 4-time digital zooming makes a more precise picture and freer shooting.

Breakpoint continuation to make a smooth shootingAiKUCAM NANO 1 is compatible with breakpoint continuation during the shooting process, and it is finished without a complicated edition.

Keep the moment with one-button shooting: You can seize the wonderful moment with one-button shooting, so as to shoot whatever you wantAiKUCAM NANO 1 is started with a short press of the ON button to finish one shooting, and it is started to record video with a short press of the Record button. There is no more complicated operation.

External microphone: The camera is compatible with a 3.5mm audio interface; it is connected with a wireless or wired microphone to improve the voice quality so as to make the audio clearer. 

Wifi preview: The real-time connection with the phone through WIFI so as to display what you shoot easily.

Computer connection: When the camera is linked with a computer, it is defaulted to be a U-disk to read the memory card; the network camera mode could be entered with a short press of the ON button as a camera of the computer. There is an easy setting, and it could be used once it is inserted.

Compatible with UAV serial port control: The camera could be linked with the UAV through the serial port, so as to control the shooting and recording of the camera through the order of the UAV, or the parameters could be adjusted through the UAV.

  • Packaging List


Data wire X1

Adapter X1

Guidebook X1

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