DarwinFPV FoldApe4 4 Inch Folding Long Range  RTF Kit
DarwinFPV FoldApe4 4 Inch Folding Long Range  RTF Kit
DarwinFPV FoldApe4 4 Inch Folding Long Range  RTF Kit
DarwinFPV FoldApe4 4 Inch Folding Long Range  RTF Kit
DarwinFPV FoldApe4 4 Inch Folding Long Range  RTF Kit


DarwinFPV FoldApe4 4 Inch Folding Long Range RTF Kit

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Style:FoldApe4 FPV Drone RTF

The DarwinFPV FoldApe4 RTF is designed for beginners who want to explore the world of long-range FPV flying from scratch. Everything you need is included, and all you have to do is charge it up, turn it on, and fly. This eliminates the complex process of assembly and adjustment, saving you time and effort, so you can focus more on the flying experience. The DarwinFPV FoldApe4 is like a bird spreading its wings, freely soaring in the blue sky with no constraints.

The FoldApe4 RTF comes with the FoldApe4 drone, Radiomaster TX12 MARK II remote control, 5.8G 3-inch FPV goggles, 3S 1150mAh battery, a charger and so on. It can fly for 20 minutes, reach a distance of 3 kilometers, and achieve a top speed of 110km/h.

It's your best choice to enter the world of long-range FPV flying with the lowest possible cost. If you have a limited budget or simply don't want to spend a lot of money on a drone, this is the one for you. One thing is for sure - you will enjoy the fun and thrill this drone brings.


1: After folding, the volume is reduced by 70%, with no need to disassemble the propellers. It can be easily packed into your pocket, convenient for storage and carrying, making it ideal for capturing scenic landscapes during travels.
2: Many players are concerned about the strength of the arm. Therefore, in our design, the arm is fixed with two screws after unfolding. Even if there is an accidental fall out of control or flip over after crash situation, there's no need to worry about the arm folding back. Once the screws are tightened, it's indistinguishable from an ordinary drone.
3: To address the jitter issue that many players are concerned about, we've discarded the original plastic propeller clamp and replaced it with a high-precision metal bushing paired with a carbon fiber propeller clamp, controlling precision to ±0.05mm. This results in less jitter, lighter weight, and better durability compared to the original propellers, making it difficult to discern the difference from ordinary two-blade propellers.
4: Using the same 1504 long-range motor as a leading brand, paired with a 3S 1150mah battery, the drone can cruise for 20 minutes on an empty load (analog version).
5: The large-size GPS is more stable and has a stronger signal reception compared to smaller models. When selecting a GPS, it's best to choose a larger one if possible, as you never know when emergency rescue might be needed!
6: With an empty weight of just over 120 grams, it's lighter and has a longer endurance than similar 4-inch drones.
7: The newly optimized DC structural design differs from traditional DC structures, addressing the issue of asymmetrical torque between the front and rear, resulting in a better flight feel.
8: The Radiomaster TX12 MARK II remote control comes with a built-in ELRS module, offering a remote control range of up to 3 kilometers. The Hall effect joystick enhances precision in remote control.
9: Equipped with the EV800DM 5.8G 3-inch goggles, it's compact, lightweight, and features dual-antenna reception for stable signals with a low delay of only 10ms.

Packing List: 

1 x DarwinFPV FoldApe4 FPV Drone
1 x RadioMaster TX12 Mark Ⅱ (ELRS 2.4G version) Remote Control
1 x DarwinFPV 3-inch FPV Goggles
1 x Hotrc A400 Balance Charger
2 x Darwin 3S 1150mAh Batteries
1 x Accessory Bag
1 x Spare Srews Pack
1 x Gray Velvet Bag
2 x Logo Stickers
1 x Manual Card

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