DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX
DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX
DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX
DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX
DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX
DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX
DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX


DarwinFPV 5.8G 40CH HULK VTX

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Style:5.8G 40CH HULK VTX

HULK VTX adopts aluminum alloy potting process, and the protection level is IP67, which has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance and super heat dissipation effect. You can use it even in rainy and snowy weather and various harsh environments. Support SmartAudio protocol, it has 25mW/200mW/400mW/600mW adjustable output power, suitable for different purposes; the antenna adopts mainstream MMCX connector, and the installation hole is 30.5×30.5mm.

  • Safe and reliable: This VTX uses high thermal conductivity silica gel inside, and is sealed with aluminum alloy shell to achieve stronger heat dissipation effect.
  • All-weather use: This VTX has been sealed inside, so its waterproof and dustproof performance is very good, the protection level is up to IP67, and it can easily cope with all kinds of rain and snow weather and harsh environments. Soak it in fresh water for more than 30 minutes and it can still be used normally.

Frequency 5.8G 40CH
Transmitting Power 25mW/200mW/400mW/600mW(Adjustable)
Power supply DC 7-30V
Weight 15.9g(Antenna Not Included)
Center distance of mounting holes 30.5mm x 30.5mm
Size 37.6mm x 37.6mm x 6.6mm

 Seawater is highly corrosive, please clean with fresh water and dry immediately once drone touched seawater.

 Please confirm whether the VTX antenna is installed before powering on, otherwise the device may be burnt.

 Please strictly follow the input VTX voltage range of 7-30V, otherwise it may be burnt.

 Please try to use an antenna with better standing wave and gain to obtain a longer transmission distance.

 When the VTX is working, the surface will generate high temperature, do not touch to avoid burning your hands.

 Please pay attention to prevent static electricity during transportation and use.

  • 1 x HULK VTX
  • 1 x Spare Cable
  • 7 x screws
  • 1 x sticker



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