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Darwin129 7" Long Range PNP

Darwin129 7" Long Range PNP

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Darwin129 7'' Long Range PNP is a 7'' quadcopter for long rang. After many attempts and experiments, we have  upgrated Darwin129.  For example, GPS is changed to M80, the speed of searching is faster and the accuracy is higher, the tail buzzer and 8 high-brightness RGB lights make it is more easier to locate the drone and so on.

  • The motor cable has been changed to silicone cable with sufficient and it won't melt during soldering.
  • Add battery pad to prevent effectively the battery from slipping off.
  • The VTX antenna is specially designed for long-rang flight, so the transmission distance is much longer.
  • The flight controller supports bluetooth function and can be connect to the mobile phone APP quickly. Make drone tuning much more convenient.
  • VTX transmission power is increased to 800mW, the transmission distance is more longer.
  • The flight controller is installed with silicone dampers, it will reduce effectively the flight controller vibration.
Camera upgraded to 1500TVL Darwin B19
Comes without battery,charger,receiverorremotecontroller.

    2507  1800KV 3-5S Brushless Motor

    Motor KV:1800KV

    Idle Current (Io/10V):0.89A

    Lipo Cell:3-5S


    Max Continuous Current:42A

    Max Continuous Power:840W

    Max thrust:1488g(4S/7")


    Motor Resistance (RM):0.0586 Ω

    Stator Diameter:25mm

    Stator Thickness:7mm

    Motor Diameter:30.8mm

    Motor Body Length:20mm

    Overall Shaft Length:35mm

    Prop adapter shaft:M5

    Bolt holes spacing:16mm

    Bolt thread:M3


    4In1 50A Blheli_S ESC

    Continuous current: 50A

    Peak current: 60A (10S)

    Lithium battery section number: 3-5S

    BEC: 5V2A

    ESC weight: 10.8g

    Firmware: BL_S

    Maximum support throttle signal: DSHOT600

    Mounting hole: M3 30.5 * 30.5mm

    F4 Flight Controller

    Lithium battery section number: 3-5S

    BEC: 10V 1A, 4.5V, 3.3V

    IMU: MPU6500 (SPI)

    MCU: STM32F405

    OSD: AT7456E

    Firmware: MATEKF405

    Weight: 7.2g

    Mounting hole: M3 30.5 * 30.5mm

    Support barometer, black box


    5.8G40CH 800mw VTX TX805

    Item name: FPV Transmitter VTX

    Frequency: 5.8G Channels: 40CH

    Input voltage: 7V~24V

    5V camera supply: 120mA(MAX)----25mW@12V 5V

    camera supply: 200mA(MAX)----200mW@12V 5V

    camera supply: 300mA(MAX)----600mW@12V 5V

    camera supply: 350mA(MAX)----800mW@12V Extra

    features: Smart audio

    Power supply: 5V output for Camera

    Output power: 25mW/200mW/600mW/800mW

    switchable Antenna connector: MMCX

    Cable connector: Solder pads

    Dimensions: 36mm*22mm*5mm,30.5 stackable hole

    Weight: 8g(excluding antenna)

    Darwin M80 GPS


    Power Supply:5V

    Botelv: 115200dps

    Receiver Sensitivity:Tracking -167dBm Capture -160dBm

    About the Battery shipping: Because the battery needs to be shipped through a specific shipping channel, if you purchased the battery and other products at the same time, we may split the order into two packages and ship through two channels (no additional shipping charges, only possible arrival time is different).


    • 1x Darwin129 7'' Long Range PNP 

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