Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module
Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module


Darwin Vantac ELRS 2.4G Lite TX Module

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Darwin Vantac ELRS Lite TX Module is based on open source project.

2.4G transmit module, the aim of the ExpressLRS 2.4G aims to achieve comprehensive performance in speed, latency and range. In addition, a convenient feature of this module is the built-in WiFi module, which enables wireless connection to upgrade firmware. Darwin Vantac ELRS Lite TX Modules are compatible with remotes with lite-style module bays.

Learn about ExpressLRS:

ExpressLRS is an open source Radio Link for Radio Control applications, all of you can find these projects on GitHub.

it is based on the fantastic Semtech SX127x/SX1280 LoRa hardware combined with an Espressif or STM32 Processor. Using LoRa modulation as well as reduced packet size it achieves best in class range and latency. It achieves this using a highly optimized over-the-air packet structure, giving simultaneous range and latency advantages. It supports both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz links, each with their own benefits. 900 MHz supports a maximum of 200 Hz packet rate, with higher penetration. Under 2.4GHz frequency bands,OpenTX system supports amazing 500Hz.

You can see the following specifications of the TX Module:

  • Packet refresh rate: 50HZ/100HZ/150HZ/250HZ/500HZ
  • RF output power: 10mW/25mW/50mW/100mW/250mW/500mW
  • Frequency bands: 2.4GHz ISM
  • Input voltage: 5V~12V
  • USB port: Type-C
  • Darwin ELRS 2.4G TX Module use lite-style TX Module bays and it is compatible with the following remote control: 

Jumper T-lite、Betafpv LiteRadio 3、TBS Tango 2、Frsky Taranis X9 Lite、Frsky Taranis X-Lite


1. When the product enters the frequency binding mode or switches the configuration, the LED lights do not have any effect prompts.

2.Please assemble the antenna or the PA chip in the TX Module will be damaged permanently.

TX Module firmware:

The default flash memory firmware of this product is ELRS V2.0.0, support the highest 500HZ refresh rate, 500mw RF output power faster bind times and instant link times. Currently, the TX Module firmware can be upgraded  via WiFi and also can be upgraded by ExpressLRS Configurator. ( If you use the ExpressLRS configurator to upgrade TX Module firmware and you must use the specified firmware file.)


TX Module and receiver must use the same ELRS, otherwise will failed to bind successfully.

More informations can visit GitHUB page 

Basic configuration

ExpressLRS use Crossfire serial protocol (AKA CRSF) to communication between remote control and TX Module. So please make sure the remote control support CRSF serial protocol. Before you use the TX Module, please enter model setting in OpenTX  system and on the "MODEL SETUP" tab, turn off the "Internal RF".Then, enable "External RF" and select "CRSF" as the protocol.

The binding and configuration settings of the TX Module can be controlled by OpenTX LUA script.

Copy the LUA script files elrsV2.lua to the folder \SCRIPTS\TOOLS\ on the remote controller's SD card. Long press the “SYS” button (for RadioMaster T16 and the similar radios) or “Menu” button (for Frsky Taranis X9D and the similar radios) to visit tools menu where you can find ELRS script ready to run with only one click.

ELRS TX Module and Receiver Binding tutorial

Once EELS LUA script start work and it will show the following configure

Enter the SD card page and open EXpressLRS, and press the “[Bind]” button at the bottom, and the TX Module will automatically enter the binding mode.