Opentx Remote Control Running lua Script Tutorial

This tutorial is to upgrade the romote control firmware by recovery , other remote controls thatr support the opentx system can follow the following tutorials. Take the t-lite remote control as an example.

1.Take an empty SD card and format it, plug in T-LITE remote control, the screen of the remote control will show which model card holder that you should download. Accordinf to the prompts download the corresponding compressed package from opentx offical website: 

Downloads (

When entered the offical website, choose the version according your needs( take 2.3.14 version as example)

Note: lua scripts only support opentx version 2.3.11 and above

After entering the selected version, click "Download links:" under "SDCard"

 After entering, select the remote control model. This tutorial takes the tlit remote control as an example, so select "opentx-t-lite/ "

Select the corresponding model to download according to the remote control prompts.


 After the download is complete, copy the contents of the decompressed package to the SD card.

Go back to the official website of opentx, download the opentx remote control configurator installation package (take windows as an example).

After installation, open the congigurator, configure the remote control parametes, and download the newest remote control firmware package( the following pictures are the parametes of T-LITE, different models of remote control parameter configuration is different).

Put the downloaded package into the FIRMWARE file in the SD card

3. Put the SD card into the SD card slot of the T-LITE remote control, and simultaneously press the three buttons (shows as the following picture) to enter the SD card swipe mode.

When entering you will see the following screen, choose “Write Firmware” programming firmware and enter the “ENT” of the remote control. 

Select the firmware package we just put into the SD card and press "ENT" to upgrade.

Press "ENT" again

4. After the installation is complete, take out the card and put the lua script into this path: SD card: \SCRIPTS\TOOLS

You can get the Lua script from firmware package

5.Power on after plugging the SD card into the T-LITE remote control, long press “SYS” to enter SD card and find the“ELRS” script file you just put in.

6.After entering, you will see the following configuration options