To prove Darwnfpv's cost-effective products, let's see the wonderfil moments of the pilots Baby Ape 3''.

Baby Ape 3'' series

Baby Ape 3'' is the cheapest and the top seller for Darwinfpv. It's  a cost-effective drone tailored for beginners. If you are good at flying and you also can choose the Baby Ape Pro.

Darwin 79

A classical 3-inch Micro Drone. It's an inexpensive and rugged Drone similar to the Eachine Tyro79. Quality on Darwin79 is top notch expecially for the price.

Darwin 129

Darwin129 is the first 7-inch drone for Darwinfpv.By many times testing the camera has been ungraded to 1500TVL Darwin B19. The motor cable is changed to silicone cable melt during soldering. With M80 GPS, the speed of star search is faster and the accuracy is higher.