Darwin AIO 002 FC Pairing Tutorial

(This tutorial takes V2 version firmware as an example, the remote control system is opentx system)

1.First, please upgrade the TX Module to the V2 version. The lua script of the remote control must also be the V2 version, otherwise it will cannot be recognized that it has been upgraded to the V2 version. Go to the SD card page of the TOOLS page( this script is the V2 version, the lua scripts for it are the full name of ELRS).

2.Second, after entering ExpressLRS, press the “Bind” button at the bottom, and theTX Module will automatically enter the binding mode.

3.Connect the AIO to the computer and connect it to Betaflight, enter the receiver configuration page, and click the “receiver pairing” displayed in the lower right corner of the page. At this time, the AIO’s receiver indicator light will change from slow flashing to double flashing, indicating that the receiver has entered Alignmet mode.

4.When the AIO receiver indicator light changes from double flashing to slow flashing, it means that the TX Module and the receiver are successfully binded, waiting for the connection, wait for a while and the TX Module is successfully connected to the receiver. At the same time, there will also be a voice prompt for the successful connection of the telemetry signal. After the connection is successful, the data signal will be displayed on the main page.

Notice: The V1 version of the TX Model can use the V1 version of the lua script to enter the configuration page, press "[Bind]" to automatically enter the pairing mode, and finally wait for the receiver to pair and connect successfully.

If the TX Module has a "bind phrase (bind password)", you can go through the following link.
ELRS Binding Phrase to UID Bytes (busheezy.github.io)
Enter the "Binding Phrase" of the TX Module into the "Binding Phrase", the system will generate a string of code and display it in "Betaflight Command", Betafight connects to the flight controller, copy and paste this string of code to the command line, and then follow the above tutorial To complete the binding.