DarwinFPV HULK Waterproof FPV Drone

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This drone has an amazing 30ms/10km low-time extended distance transmission and 4K/120fps video quality, allowing you to capture clear and smooth images in aerial photography, monitoring and expedition missions. Not only that, HULK also has excellent waterproof performance, which can swim unimpeded in harsh weather conditions and complex water environments.

In addition to excellent video quality, we also paid attention to the drone's robustness, cooling and ease of use. The HULK UAV is made of strong and durable materials, which can withstand the challenges of various harsh environments. The unique heat dissipation design ensures that the drone maintains the best performance during long flight and intense operation. We are also committed to simplifying the operation, so that you can easily get started and enjoy the fun of flying.

In order to perfectly match with the DJI O3 air unit, we specially designed a CNC metal waterproof case for HULK. This waterproof case has been carefully designed to provide excellent waterproof protection, while seamlessly connecting with the DJI O3 air unit, allowing you to obtain better signal transmission and operating experience during the flight.

DarwinFPV HULK Waterproof FPV Drone is not only suitable for water sports, such as yachting, kayaking, etc.