DarwinFPV F4019-2 Folding Propeller
DarwinFPV F4019-2 Folding Propeller


DarwinFPV F4019-2 Folding Propeller

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QTY:1 Pack(2CW 2CCW)

The DarwinFPV F4019-2 folding propeller is an upgrade based on the Gemfan Floppy Proppy 4019-2 propeller.
We abandoned GEMFAN's original plastic propeller clamp and used a high-precision stainless steel bushing with a carbon fiber propeller clamp to control the accuracy to ±0.05mm. It vibrates less, is lighter, and is more resistant to explosions than the original propeller. It is difficult to feel the difference from an ordinary two-blade propeller.


1: Folding design, easy to carry when going out;
2: The carbon fiber propeller clamp is stronger, explosion-resistant and safer than the original Gemfan plastic propeller clamp;
3: The control accuracy of the high-precision stainless steel bushing is ±0.05mm, which is higher than the original Gemfan plastic propeller clamp. No jitter, no paddle washing, super smooth;

Packing List

1 x Propeller (2CW 2CCW)
10 x M1.6*5 Phillips round head screws
5 x carbon fiber paddle clips
5 x stainless steel bushings
1 x sticker


Model: DarwinFPV F4019-2 Folding Propeller
Prop Disk Size: 4 inch
Pitch: 1.9inch
Blades: 2
Mounting holes: 1.5mm
Center Diameter: 5mm
Center Thickness: 5mm
Material: PC
Maximum propeller width: 9.5mm
Weight: 1.42g
Color: Transparent gray
Recommended motor:  1503-1505 or bigger